What Does Content Writing Cost?

what does content writing cost

Entrepreneurs and small businesses tend to have a rather strict budget when it comes to marketing. So, when you need a specific marketing service for your business, it’s natural to wonder how much it’s going to cost. This article answers the question: what does content writing cost?

The truth is that it depends. Content writing cost depends on the company you hire, as each company sets their own pricing, and some are more expensive than others. The cost also depends on what type of content writing you need done. For example, content for landing pages will cost differently from blog posts, and email marketing campaigns will cost differently from product descriptions. 

Most businesses get a customized package for content writing that includes:

  • Landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • And product descriptions

Some content writing services like creating landing pages and blog posts are a monthly service that businesses can pay for to increase their authority and rank higher and more often in search results. Most marketing companies include these services in their SEO packages. Write Mind Media offers content writing and SEO services also. 

How Much Does Content Writing Cost?

Content writing services can cost anywhere from $10 per blog article to $2500+ for monthly SEO service packages. Depending on the agency, you may be charged per piece of content, or you may be charged per cluster of content. 

For example, you could purchase 10 pieces of content as a package for your website, and it could include a variety of content. With 10 pieces of content you could get a few landing pages, and a few blog posts written to get your website started. 

If you need content writing services, discuss pricing with the marketing agency to determine the best solutions and budget for your marketing needs. 

Some marketing companies may offer some a la carte services that you can take advantage of and get services at your own pace and budget level. You may also get a discounted rate for being a new client or for purchasing a monthly package. 

Keep in mind that content writing is a great investment to make for your business, especially if you are interested in ranking higher in search results, getting more visitors to your website, and earning more sales. The amount you will spend in content marketing will be well worth it, once you see the results you receive.

Our content writers at Write Mind Media would be happy to provide a customized content marketing package for your business. Give us a call at (312) 380-1474 or complete the form below to get started. You can also learn more if you have questions like how do I know if I need content writing services?

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