What Is A Brand Manual?

what is a brand manual

If you are wondering, what is a brand manual, you are likely in the process of or thinking about building a brand of your own. In this article, we’ll discuss what a brand manual consists of and how you can use one to build a strong brand.

Before we dive into what a brand manual is, let’s talk about what a brand is. A brand is a business or marketing concept that helps people to identify a company, a product, or an individual. 

Brand Misconceptions

People sometimes confuse brands with things like logos, slogans, or other identifiable marks, which are actually marketing tools that help a business promote goods and services. A brand is not a mark. It is not a saying or an image. Instead, it is several elements that work together to create what we call a brand. So, a logo, slogan, colors, etc. can help to make up a brand, but it is not the brand itself.

Now, let’s discuss what a brand manual is.

What Is A Brand Manual?

A brand manual is a manual that instructs a business’ team in how to represent its brand. A brand manual can be viewed as a guide that includes all the pertinent information that an employee would need to know when creating content for a particular brand. Next, we’ll discuss what is included in a brand manual. You may also want to create your brand manual by using a brand manual template to be sure you include important information.

What Is Included In A Brand Manual?

A brand manual includes any and everything that matters to a business. For example, a brand manual might include different versions of approved logos for the brand. These logos might be different colors, sizes, and layouts that are okay to be used in content. The logos may also be specified to be used only on specific types of content, products, etc.

A brand manual may also include fonts that will help people to easily identify the brand. The manual will specify fonts that may be used, as well as sizes, and where they can be used.

Colors is another important aspect of a brand that may be included in a manual. Typically approved brand colors will be specified through hex codes, to ensure that all team members are using the exact same colors when representing a brand. 

For example, the hex code for Write Mind Media’s signature yellow brand color is #ffff00.

A brand may include all colors in a branding color palette in hex code form in its manual for its team to follow.

Other Elements Included In A Brand Manual

  • Slogan/Tagline
  • Brand Message
  • Brand Voice/Language
  • Brand’s Goal/Mission
  • Imagery Used For Website And Other Publications
  • Materials/Fabrics Used In Physical Locations
  • Music Type Used In Physical Locations
  • Scents Used In Physical Locations

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