Top 3 Ways To Grow On Instagram In 2022

top 3 ways to grow on Instagram in 2022

Did you know that there are 1.440 billion Instagram users, as of 2022? With so many people hopping on social media to promote their businesses, growing a following and reaching new people seem to be the main focus of content creators. If you’re interested in learning how to grow on Instagram in 2022, keep reading for our top 3 tips.

At Write Mind Media, we’re all about marketing the right ways, rather than hopping on trends and using unethical tactics to reach your goals. Doing things the quick and easy way will typically only get you short term results. Our team studies trends and stays up to date on new features, so we can know what to do to get our clients the best results. 

So what are the top 3 ways to grow on Instagram?

1 Use the latest features.

If you pay attention to the app, Instagram tells you what it wants you to do. And as a result, if you do it, you’ll be rewarded by having your content placed in front of several new viewers who are all potential customers, fans, or clients. For example, this year, Instagram has been all about reels. The app has been encouraging users to create reels rather than posting photos. Last year, Instagram encouraged users to go live and to create carousels. If you want to be successful in reaching a new audience, you have to play the game of using the new features when they are rolled out.

2 Create Quality Content.

One thing you don’t want is to spend a huge amount of time on creating content only to have people scroll past it, because it’s of poor quality. Make sure your video content is well lit, and in the highest quality possible. Your photos should be high quality as well. You may need to invest in better equipment to achieve higher quality content. If you don’t have an eye for quality or design, you can always enlist the help of marketing experts who can create content for you to post. Get creative with it. Take note of what other people are doing on social media, and tailor those things to fit your brand and core values. And remember, the more you do it, the better you will likely get at it.

3 Post Often.

Andriea Denise mentioned this very thing in a recent reel posted on our Instagram. If you want to be known for something, and if you want Instagram to suggest your content to other people, you have to be active. While some people post several times a day, others post a few times a week, and they still get results. How often you should post depends on your industry, your goals, and a few other factors. When you post often, though, Instagram serves your content to your followers and other people who might be interested in following you. You may even show up on the explore page. You can use your analytics to determine how your current audience interacts with your content. That information can help you to understand what kind of content they like most, and when you should be posting. If you need help reading your analytics or coming up with content ideas, we can help. Give Write Mind Media a call at (312) 380-1474, or shoot us an email to discuss your marketing needs.

Now that you know our top 3 ways to grow on Instagram, you can elevate your content strategy, and start getting more eyes on your content. Using hashtags is always a great way to get the attention of people outside of your current following, but using the new features will give you a leg up, because Instagram rewards people who catch on early by featuring their content and spreading it to others. 

Need more marketing help? You can keep reading to learn more about content writing. You can also reach out to our team to get some guidance on your current content strategy. 

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