7 Ideas To Get More Customers In Store

July 1, 2022
If you run a brick and mortar store, you probably experience days when there are less people coming in to shop. Below are 7 ideas to get more customers in store.  Brand Yourself One way to ensure that people will choose to step into your store over others is if you brand yourself as the

Most Common Mistakes Made In Brand Building

January 13, 2020
Many entrepreneurs are great creatives who have an amazing talent, skill, or product. And while they can successfully produce a product or provide a service for money, they struggle with effectively running the business side of things.

Branding Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

December 4, 2019
You are a brand, regardless of whether you have a business/trade or not. You represent something and that something is how people label you. Whether that something gives off a good or bad vibe is a different story...but there's good news.