What Is A Brand Assessment?

August 2, 2022
A brand assessment provides an opportunity to evaluate the strength of your brand, to underscore the value of your brand with customers, and to reposition the brand, if necessary, to reflect changes in the marketplace. If you’re wondering, what is a brand assessment, keep reading. What Should A Brand Analysis Include? A brand analysis covers

Most Common Mistakes Made In Brand Building

January 13, 2020
Many entrepreneurs are great creatives who have an amazing talent, skill, or product. And while they can successfully produce a product or provide a service for money, they struggle with effectively running the business side of things.

How to Master The Know-Like-Trust Factor

January 4, 2020
The formula for building an audience and getting people to purchase your products or services is fairly short and simple. People deserve the freedom to choose to engage with you and your company based on the truth.

Marketing 101: How To Market Your Brand The Right Way

December 19, 2019
If you are the type of entrepreneur that scours the internet for how-tos and marketing tips, you know there is no shortage of business gurus. No need to feel discouraged, though. Here is some practical marketing advice that have proven time and again to be effective.

Branding Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

December 4, 2019
You are a brand, regardless of whether you have a business/trade or not. You represent something and that something is how people label you. Whether that something gives off a good or bad vibe is a different story...but there's good news.