How to Master The Know-Like-Trust Factor

know-like-trust factor


You may have heard of the know-like-trust factor when it comes to building a brand. Some people make it sound complicated, but the truth is it’s very straight forward. The formula for building an audience and getting people to purchase your products or services is fairly short and simple. Take a look at the formula below.

The Know-Like-Trust Formula

get people to know who you are
get people to like you
get people to trust you
recurring sales from loyal customers

As you can see, the formula is very simple. However, it will take some very intentional work on your part to understand the formula and to put each aspect into practice. We’ll dive into the different pieces of the formula and how to activate the know-like-trust factor in your brand. But first, let’s discuss the importance of authenticity when implementing this practice into your brand strategy.

While many people have negatively manipulated this formula to gain an unfair advantage over people in the market, it’s much harder to effectively continue that kind of behavior in this day and age. Especially if you operate under false pretenses, your brand could come under much scrutiny and run the risk of losing credibility. Consumers have way more access to tools that allow them to search out the truth now.

You have to be honest, upstanding, and deeper than just a merchant to gain customer loyalty. Also, it’s just better to do business (and life) that way.

People deserve the freedom to choose to engage with you and your company based on the truth. Provide facts, be creative, and you will attract your tribe and be successful in your growth efforts.

What is a tribe?

A tribe is a group of people who share interest in your brand and rock hard with you. These are the people who know your story and what you stand for. They are the people who are subscribed to your mailing list, the people who are first to purchase your products and services, and the people who proudly tell others about your brand. Think of your tribe as your loyal supporters, or better yet, brand ambassadors.

So how do you get people to know who you are?

The answer to this question is the easiest part of the formula. Not to be overly simplistic here, but in order to get people to know you or your brand is to put yourself out there. With so many online platforms and people using the internet on a daily basis, it’s easier (and cheaper) than ever to grab consumers’ attention and turn them into your loyal customers/clients. Billboards and print ads still work wonders, if they are done right. If you haven’t already, it’s a great idea to start carving out your space on the internet and in the market.

Take the time to build out your social profiles, company website, and search engine knowledge graphs. Doing these things will make it much easier for people to find you online. And when they do, you want to have full control over what they see and how they perceive your brand.

Branding is very important, especially when you are just beginning. Whenever people find you, regardless of the platform, they should be able to identify your unique brand and distinguish it from others. Just starting out? You should take the time to learn the basics of branding, to avoid making common mistakes that will cost you extra money and customers in the long run.

How do you get people to like you?

Getting people to like you is as simple as…being yourself. If you are building a personal brand, you should be as authentic as possible. People who relate you will immediately latch on. Others may hang around for a while, before they warm up to you, but as long as you’re being real, your audience will grow. If you are building a company brand, you should take special care in staying true to your brand message and image. When your message and image resonates with people, those people will join your tribe and become loyal customers.

The key here is authenticity. As long as you stay true to who you are and what you believe in, other people will gravitate toward you. Remember, your brand doesn’t have to be for everyone. In fact, it shouldn’t be for everyone. You should target specific people and separate your brand from others by being unique. There are over 7 billion people on earth, and a group of those people are waiting for what you have to offer the world.

How do you get people to trust you?

You may have guessed it by now. These steps are logical and naturally in order. To get people to trust you, simply stay the course. Consistency wins. When you consistently show up, people will come to expect you to be there, and naturally they believe you are the authority on your topic or in your industry. When you establish yourself as an expert in someone’s mind, they trust you to guide them. When you have your audience’s trust, you can suggest a product or service, and they will buy it. You can tell them to sign up for something, and they will sign up. You can tell them to share with friends, and they will do it.

The beauty in being consistent is that it attracts onlookers as well. People who aren’t following you will be exposed to your brand, if you stay consistent, and they eventually tune in. Even if it’s just for a moment to see what you’re up to, or what the hype is all about, you’ll get their attention. From there, they will make a decision to join others in following you, or find something else that interests them.

Now that you know how the know-like-trust factor works, you can figure the best tactics to implement it into your branding strategy. If you need help coming up with ideas, click here to schedule a brainstorming session with our marketing team.

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