Website Audit


Turn your website into a team member that works and sells 24/7.

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Your website should function as your teammate, your co-worker. A well-crafted website will help you sell even when you’re not physically around. Your site should be working 24/7 to draw visitors in, to invite them to have a look around, and to explain to them how you would be the perfect choice to help them solve their problems.

Our Website Audit is a digital service we offer to get a new set of eyes on your site, and offer insights for improvements. If you need refreshed copy, a new design, or a more user friendly layout, our audit will let you know. In addition to this service, you may elect to get the  SEO Enhancement add-on. With this add-on we will add seo into your website’s pages to improve discoverability in search engine results pages (SERPs) which will increase your visitor traffic.


What You’ll Get With Our Website Audit:

  • A fresh set of expert branding eyes on your website
  • Detailed report of each page’s strong points and areas for improvement
  • Suggestions for enhancement
  • Quick turnaround (approx. 72 hours)
  • SEO Enhancement (add-on)
Website Page Count

3-5 page website, 6-10 page website, 11+ page website, 3-5 page website + SEO Enhancement, 6-10 page website + SEO Enhancement, 11+ page website + SEO Enhancement