How to Drive FREE Traffic to Your Website

drive free traffic to your website


If you are like the many entrepreneurs who take the bootstrapping approach to starting a business, you might be looking for ways to make progress without spending much money. One way that you can save money is to use creative ways to drive free traffic to your website.

Your website is your brand’s home base, and you have to put a considerable amount of time and effort into getting people to visit, to find the information they’re looking for, and to take action when they arrive on your site.

The tips in this article will help you learn more about how to get more visitors to your website for free, through content marketing. To learn more about the basics of content marketing, read our previous article.

Use Your Social Media Profiles to Get People to Your Site

Social media is a great way to generate brand awareness and to drive traffic to your website for free. The simplest way to accomplish this is to use your captions to share information about your business, promotions, blog post snippets, and more. Social media is where you should get creative and share in unique ways.

Use Your Blog to Get More Website Visitors

This tip may sound like a trick, but it’s actually a pretty cool way to drive traffic to your website. To address the elephant in the room, you are going to share your blog posts in other places around the web.

Psst…this is also a great SEO tip.

Now, let’s talk about how to actually do this.

Depending on your content topic, you could repost your blog articles on LinkedIn. This allows your content to have more chances to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). You could also repost on sites like Medium where people are already hanging out and looking for content like yours to dig into. Just be sure to leave links that lead readers back to your corner of the world (your website). Business owners don’t always have time to sit down and write SEO-rich content that will attract more eyes to their website. That’s where Write Mind Media can help. We provide SEO services to entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to get more people on their site every month.

Another great way to drive traffic to your website is to micro blog on your social profiles.

Use Your Email Campaigns to Get More Site Traffic

Your email list is probably the best way to drive traffic to your website. The people subscribed to your list have already shown interest in what you have to offer and what you have to say. That’s why it is best to use email campaigns to send extremely targeted messages to your audience and direct them to your website to sign up, purchase, learn more, be entertained, etc. Also, if social media and blog share sites disappeared tomorrow, your email list would still be in tact, and you would still be able to get in touch with your audience.

Use Quora to Drive Traffic to Your Website

I hope I didn’t lose you here. Think about it. Whenever you type a question into Google, one of the first resources that pops up is an answer from Quora. Not only could you use Quora to post blog content and share information about your website, you could establish yourself as an authority on a certain topic by answering community members’ questions. There’s nothing wrong with dropping a little plug or reference to your website within your answer that leads people back to your website to learn more about your business and to soak up more of your wisdom.

There are several platforms you can use (for free) to drive traffic to your website. The goal is not to use free tactics forever. Starting out this way will help you grow while you spend your money in other areas. When you start making money in your business, it’s wise to allocate a part of your budget to marketing.

Paid traffic works much quicker than organic traffic. The good news is that once you’ve built your audience, you could spend less on acquisitions and put more energy into customer retention. Hopefully, you no longer view social media as a place where you post aimless photos and videos of random things.

You are a business owner, a brand. You are not the consumer anymore. You are the advertiser. Everyone else on social media is the consumer. Use that to your advantage, and publish content that inspires, entertains, and educates.

If you need more help with your marketing efforts, you can schedule a consultation with a team member at Write Mind Media, by calling (312) 380-1474. You can also check out our DIY guides for more instructional information.

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